A Smart Wellbeing Companion for Every Student

Sonar is a scalable mental health platform for schools. We use a combination of AI and human connection to ensure every student feels seen and supported.

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I feel like my friends have been leaving me out of things recently
Ugh that’s tough, it’s never easy to feel like you’re being excluded
I just don’t know what to do
Would it be helpful if we worked through some ways you can start a convo with them?
yeah bc I’m not sure how to even begin
Cool, you could start by...
Empower teens to thrive, in school and in life.
In today's fast-paced world, teens may be reluctant to seek mental health support. When they do, the unfortunate reality of staff shortages in schools can delay the help they critically need. Sonar is an evidence-based platform engineered to transform student wellbeing. Designed for impact, Sonar provides scalable solutions that deliver measurable improvements in student wellbeing, ensuring every teen has the support they need to thrive. Learn what Sonar can do for your school.
of students said they felt supported and experienced improved wellbeing
of parents would recommend Sonar to friends and family
accuracy in identifying moments for support
Sense concerns before they hit a crisis point.
Sonar goes beyond simply reacting to student concerns. With student consent, social media patterns and mobile activity are reviewed by our AI technology to identify early signs of distress. If any concerns are flagged, a Wellbeing Companion can reach out to a student for support, even before a student may realize they need help.
Hey, I’ve noticed you’ve been expressing some worry in your texts and posts lately. I’m here for you 💙
yeah I’ve been really anxious and overwhelmed, I don’t know how to deal with it
It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed when life gets busy - it might help to talk through it
Do you know what might be causing you the most stress?
well I got three big projects for school due this week and I’m tired from staying up late to finish everything and...
my parents are fighting a lot lately, I don’t like being at home anymore
I’m so sorry you’re going through a difficult situation. You deserve to feel safe in your own home
Have you talked to your parents about it?
I thought about it but I don’t want to make things worse or add to their stress
That’s really mature to be thinking of their feelings. But your own wellbeing is just as important...
safe space is just a text away.
Students can connect with a Wellbeing Companion via text conversations, where they’ll have a safe and supportive space to share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Wellbeing Companions are certified peer counselors that have gone through a rigorous selection and training process to ensure they can support student needs.
bridge to resources and professional support.
We simplify the process of seeking mental health support, connecting students with appropriate resources and professional support when needed.
I talked to my Mom and I think finding a therapist is a good idea
Can you help me
I’m glad you brought this up! I can definitely help 💙
What characteristics are most important to you?
I think someone that is female and usually works with teens like me
Cool, how about whether the sessions are in-person or virtual...
Built for students,
with  students
Teens are experts in their own experiences – our platform is built on a foundation of student insights and perspectives. We take their input very seriously, which is why we have a Youth Advisory Board that works alongside our team to ensure that Sonar is tailored to the needs of students.
Why educators students, and parents love Sonar.

“offer students somewhere to turn to that puts no extra burden on our staff... a game changer”

Students are really struggling, in a post-pandemic, social media led world. We see it everyday. Being able to offer students somewhere to turn to that puts no extra burden on our staff is a game changer.

Brian T.

School Administrator

“a safe space for any conversation”

Sonny is always there and is supportive when I need someone to talk to. We’ve built a relationship and a safe space for any conversation.

Kyle T.

High School Student

“very differentiated from other mental health services we've seen”

Sonar has a very unique angle to prevention. An early warning system coupled with real-time support that is very differentiated from other mental health services we've seen.

Helen S.

School Administrator

“allowing me and my child to have healthy conversations about mental health”

I am very appreciative of how Sonar is allowing me and my child to have healthy conversations about mental health. It used to be something I was afraid to bring up but now it’s part of normal conversation. And Sonar has not been perceived as big brother either. They see it as another outlet and resource which is great! They know you are there if they need to talk to someone. So huge thank to you and the team for all you are doing!!

Gloria M.

Mom of 2 children

“identify challenges earlier and support students outside school hours”

We are so overwhelmed and don’t have enough capacity to support all our students in a timely manner. Sonar is amazing because they act as an extension of our services, identify challenges earlier and support students outside school hours.

Marissa J.

School Counselor

“no fear of judgement”

It’s like having somebody that you know that if you said some private info to it wouldn’t get out to the whole school. There was no fear of judgement.

Daria K.

High School Student

Comprehensive for schools. Tailored for teens.
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Why Sonar?

Our core benefits to students include:

  • Identifying potential wellbeing challenges early through private and secure review of social media and mobile activity.
  • Providing personalized support from certified peer counselors who use clinical techniques like motivational interviewing (MI) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
  • Offering a safe space for students to share their thoughts and feelings, and learn healthy coping strategies that will serve them throughout their lives.
Who are the wellbeing companions that respond to students?

Wellbeing Companions are highly vetted & certified peer counselors aged 18-28.

  • Our vetting process includes multiple interviews, a live case, references, and a background check.
  • We take them through a certification & training process, led by an adolescent psychiatrist. This includes instructional sessions and role shadowing.
  • We also use continuous training and supervision to ensure students are receiving the highest quality support.
  • Having tested peer counselors vs. therapists for our use case, we have found that peers were more effective at connecting with students and helping them cope with challenges! If we believe a therapist is required, we can help the student and their family find one.
What can students talk to Wellbeing Companions about?

Anything that’s on their mind, from daily stresses and annoyances to more serious challenges and mental health concerns.

We’ve seen students talk to their Wellbeing Companion about:

  • Poor grades or stressful presentations
  • Issues with friends or relationship problems
  • Bullying at school
  • Anxiety, depression, and grief

Wellbeing Companions are dedicated to building a trusted relationship with students, making it easier for them to reach out and get early support when they need it.

What is the protocol if a student is in crisis?

We have an escalation protocol that follows clinical best practices. In the event of a crisis situation, we:

  • Engage with the student to support them and suggest crisis resources (e.g., 988), and
  • Reach out to their emergency contact(s) with detail to enable immediate support.

Should the student stop responding, we can’t reach their emergency contact, and we believe there is imminent risk of harm to self or others, we will reach out to the emergency department.

Sonar and its Wellbeing Companions do not provide medical advice, provide medical supervision, practice medicine, engage in clinical social work, or practice mental healthcare in any way. Please contact a licensed professional to receive such services or, in an emergency, call 911.

How is Sonar implemented?

We understand that every school has unique needs, so we work closely with schools to develop a customized implementation plan to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for students, teachers, and staff.

In general, implementation usually follows one of two methods:

  1. Student Self-Registration: Students sign up for Sonar during a designated onboarding session, typically during homeroom. This process usually takes around 10 minutes, and students can use their personal or school-provided devices. We will provide an onboarding guide and any necessary materials to facilitate this process.
  2. School-Managed Registration: We will work with your school to gather the necessary information and create Sonar accounts on behalf of students. This method can help streamline the registration process and ensure every student has access. We will provide clear instructions on how students can activate their accounts.

For further information or to discuss your school's specific needs, get in touch with us.

Elevate student wellbeing with Sonar’s AI-powered solution.
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If you, your child, or someone you know is in crisis, call 911, go to the nearest emergency room, or reach out to the following national resources. You’re never alone.
Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to reach a 24h Crisis Center
Text 741741 to reach the Crisis Text Line
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